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About Us

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We are updating our inventory everyday so if you do not see your tire just give us a call & we will list it for you asap!

First and foremost, WOW USED TIRE's concern is safety, followed by delivering a premium product with great savings to you, the consumer. How do we accomplish this? Through a number of stages. WOW USED TIRE uses a 4-Step process. First, they are visually inspected inside and out for any kind of imperfection. Secondly, the tire is inflated to approximately 40psi to check for any blemishes that may not have been visable to the naked eye. The third stage, tires are water-checked at approximately 40psi. Prior to shipping out our product, a final inspection is done to assure that you, the consumer, are receiving a premium product.During our inspection proceess if a repair is needed an internal patch will be installed & rechecked,be assured we do not patch on the sidewalls only shoulder to shoulder.


The tires listed on ( WOW USED TIRE"S) are sold in measurements of 9-10/32 ,7-8/32 ,5-6/32 & 4/32 .This means if you purchase a tire of 9/32 that will be the minum tread depth, but you may recieve a tire of 10/32 & if you purcase a 7/32 you may recieve an 8/32 with 7 being the minum.We do this for several reasons,first and for most to assure the customer is satisfied & convience of pricing .


Our first retail store was opened in 1969, in West Palm Beach, FL, where it continues to serve customers all throughout the state. We have, since, added 6 additional retail locations in GA, the newest store opening just this year . You can only stay in business this long if you have a premium product, value/savings and customer service. Thanks to a well-established name within the communities, we have 1,000's of satisfied customers. With such a demand, in 2012, we are bringing the same premium product with great savings and customer service straight to your door-step. We're excited and eager to be able to satisfactorily, bring these great savings to you, our loyal customers, for many more years to come!